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Sensual Hypnosis is Different than Erotic Hypnosis. Here's Why.

Sensual Hypnosis is Something Different

To me, sensual hypnosis ought to be recognized as something separate from erotic hypnosis or sexual hypnosis. I feel like the word sensual deserves its own classification when you're getting hypnotic with it. To be sensual is to be more poetic. It has to do with more than just getting off. Not that erotic hypnosis is just about getting off. And of course, there's nothing wrong with just getting off. ;)

Eroticism and sensuality and seduction are all kind of linked together, so in a way, it doesn't really matter. It's just that when I think about Sensual Hypnosis I imagine something softer that feels like the way the S sounds. Erotic on the other hand has the T and the C jutting out in the sound you make when you say it. So erotic always feels sharper to me in a way. Like something that is penetrating. Sharply. Sensuality and sense of touch are more like the feeling of skin on skin slowly brushing against one another. Maybe even under the clothes or covers. Immersive and very close, but not necessarily penetrative. Definitely not sharp.

And then, to go off on another tangent on our way to orgasm, you can also combine the word penetrative with sensual to create a feeling of sensuality entering into the body and beginning to become warm and wet. Touching much closer. A deep sensual penetration into the body and mind that's almost too much, as if you can feel it all the way up inside popping against a button in the warm wet darkness.

Relaxation into Trance through Written Arousal

What I've found is that as you explore erotic hypnosis, after a while, it doesn't even require the audio element to begin to hypnotize you and arouse you with the mental imagery of fantasy unfolding. If you're already familiar with what it feels like to allow an erotic hypnotist to guide you into trance, especially if I'm that hypnotist, then its easy to realize how simply reading words written can be enough to hypnotize you with the reminder of that state of mind. Almost as if reading erotic hypnosis writing might cross some boundary and become a kind of hypnosis session all on its own.

So, a sensual-minded person, like yourself, might consent with your conscious mind (and your unconscious) to just let it come as hypnosis comes. Experience total relaxation when it's time. Even now it can feel good to just relax a bit and be reminded of that particular erotic hypnosis session you and I had, that brought you to a certain unbelievable state of relaxation. And then heightened arousal. And then that beautiful orgasm. Yes. That time. Was it sensual for you? It was sensual for me. Very much so. Deliciously sensual to the touch and taste.

The Hypnotic Script Come to Life

Come to life, sweet lover. Come to live. And come and come and come. That's it. That's right.

There is an element to hypnotism where the energy and intention behind the words carry through into the script, through the reading, right into the trance, where it touches you right in that spot. And you can feel it. And it feels good, doesn't it...

Hypnosis works by communicating the thoughts and energies of the hypnotist through the hypnotic state and directly into you. I think this happens a lot with all kinds of writing, music, and art. But it can be felt very powerfully through hypnosis because the intention is so strong and the message is so clear that the vibration basically bypasses the words and motions and goes straight in. Direct communication.

This gets us back to the subject of sensual hypnosis.

Sensual Hypnotist Makes Sensual Hypnosis

The connection with the hypnotist is so intimate and so close that the feeling, vibration, and essence of who they are comes through vividly and viscerally for the subject. I seriously dislike saying subject. It's an awful word, considering the degree of intimacy involved when guiding someone through hypnotic fantasy. I always say "listener" or something like that. I still haven't found the perfect word that fits the person being hypnotized. I need something more...more...sensual.

I imagine you might imagine where I might be going with this. I am a very sensual person, who likes to touch and feel, and sense. So, the feeling of sensuality is something that is a part of the expression that comes through. And into you. To me, it's not as jarring as the way the sound of the words "erotic hypnosis" feels. If that makes sense.

Even when the theme of the audio is sexual dominance, the feel must always be softened with a vibration that allows you to really relax into the submissive state you desire. Surrender into the subspace you need. As only is created in the way I create it. Warm, sweet, safe submission. I can taste it.

It Really is Something Else

One of the reasons I'm making a point to even say something about it is because I've been searching for it online and it's not really a thing people search for. They want that spicy 🌶️ erotic stuff instead. They want the hard stuff. Gimme that hard stuff to grind on.

Imagine if, for whatever reason, the term sensual hypnosis had caught on instead of erotic hypnosis. It absolutely, undeniably would be something different. Imagine the care and patience hypnotists would naturally bring to the art if the whole thing was sensual instead of erotic. People wouldn't be like, "Oh you gotta watch out with them SENSUAL hypnotists. They're really attentive to what you're experiencing and all that. Wanting you to feel so nice. Can't just be trusting someone like that to be makin' you feel all good and shit." Seriously. The fuck, dude.

"So what do you do?"

"Oh. I'm a SENSUAL hypnotist."

"Does that mean you touch people while you do hypnosis?"

"Only if they get too close."

But thankfully, you don't have to get close to feel it, now. Do you, love? No.

- Deeper 🍭

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