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Subtle Erotic Hypnosis in Erotic Short Stories

sexy short stories in erotic hypnosis

Here (hear) I'm going to share the text for the erotic short story, "The Horned Man", that I wrote and recorded for the Deeper Inside Your Mind Patreon over a year ago. Normally the only way you would ever hear any of these stories is through listening to me speak them, because I never publish the scripts for any audio erotica or erotic hypnosis I make. So, this should be fun. 

The reason I'm sharing this is to show how hypnotic language can be used in storytelling to increase the impact of sexy stories. Erotica already allows readers to indulge in a diverse range of sexual scenarios and fantasies. It provides means of exploring desires, helping to rouse sexual creativity and enhance arousal with a deeper relationship to all things sex. Adding some erotic hypnosis to the process can deepen the effect further.

As you read "The Horned Man" below, you will notice where some phrases and words are in BOLD. This is to show where emphasis is to be made while this naughty fiction is being read aloud. When speaking, the bold words are stressed without being totally overt in emphasis. I like to speak these embedded suggestions in a subtle, commanding tone. This will often cause the subconscious to react to the way it's being read, without the listener necessarily realizing. The effect can be a smooth, fluid storytelling that slips in under the radar of the consciousness to provide a more immersive, enjoyable experience. Kind of like the way music in the background of a film adds to the viewing.

You may notice there are some confusing sentences that run on and probably some punctuation that only makes sense when you imagine reading it out loud. This is because it was only ever meant to be read out loud. After reading I'll talk more about how to use other erotic hypnosis techniques in telling erotic stories. Always inviting and offering the urge to come deeper into the sensual motion of the words.

The Horned Man

She had come from a distant farm to marry a sweet man in a village where, strangely, most children were born male. So you can imagine why women were needed from far away to come and marry the sweet, sweet men of this strange village.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, now, aren't I?

This is actually the story of a dark figure with horns upon his head who enjoyed... Well. You can imagine what he enjoyed.

The horned man would come into the dark woods from no one knew where, only in the dark, very close to this small village of happy and simple, and beautiful folk. Where our lovely young wife-to-be from the distant farm, 18 and pretty, with a perfection of form only seen when naked as Eve in her garden, with no one to see her but the serpent and, of course, her sweet and kind and gentle man from the village who was never meant to know what she did in the woods.

And what did she do? Come with me now and know what she did in the dark, something that was never meant to be known by man.

A virgin at 18, on the full moon night before her pure and sacred marriage to her faithful and sweet and innocent husband, the horned figure called to her and called and spoke and whispered through the trees:

"Come young lady, come with me into the night. This way, hear, that's right. And know what it means to be penetrated and feel what it's like to let me break the veil of your innocence."

The voice of the horned man in the woods could be heard, and perhaps some other sounds of laughter and joy, and cracking flame. Out there, can you hear it?

So she followed the voice into the woods, into the darkness, under a moon that seemed to sing to her: "Remove your gown," sang the moon, "see the fire, see us, come to the fire, come." She saw the fire in the wood and the other young wives from the village, and she came. "Be naked, be free, be beautiful."

And when she had danced naked and was warm from the flames, the moon sang to her again: "See him." For the first time, she saw the horned man in the darkness, and in that moment, what was left of her innocence was stripped from her like a very, very delicate gown torn from her body. And in that moment, she knew what was never meant to be known.

And what he did to her that night, while the other young wives from the village danced around the fire, naked as the night, before her precious day: if you know what he did to her on that altar, and I imagine you do, then you also know what was never meant to be known. And you may also know what it means when I say her secret stayed within her, and no man ever knew, for years at least.

And perhaps you can imagine how she found herself on the altar again, years later, after so many times just like this, in the dark, remembering how the warmth of the flames and the song had become more and more familiar with each full moon. The dance of village wives behind her, also having come to be warmed by the flames in the night and each one hoping to be known by the horned man in the dark again.

As she allowed herself to be seen by the serpent again under the moon, looking up with pleading eyes to the figure in the dark while she allowed the night and fire to have their way with her, her eyes on his shadowy form. And while the song of the moon caused her to writhe and release uncontrollably, she would always watch him, watch him for any sign that he might take her on his altar.

The sounds of the other young wives from the village, their moans creating a soft chorus, the vibrations of their song encouraging her while they waited, while they burned within for him as well. And when he looked away from her twisting and her contortions, and looked to the moon instead, she knew she would have to wait to have her time with him, to take him in again and finally be his again, for the one moment of complete release before returning to her sweet.

Because before her sweet and kind and gentle husband awoke, she would always return and rest with him. And the morning after, she would always awaken with a smile and caress his face dearly, the secret of what he was never meant to know safe within the labyrinth of her heart.

And if suspicion ever came to him, it was only ever a glimmer of some secret treasure hidden in the cave that held her soul. A soft glow, somewhere in the earth.

So for those five years that her ring bound her to her sweet husband and her home, while he looked to the sky and fresh air and sunlight that caressed his face just like she did, and he saw the beauty of his small world and his wife, she looked to the damp wetness of the deep earth and even deeper to a fire in the darkness that never ended, always calling to her.

And when he looked upon the beautiful faces of the children she had given him, he saw his own precious sons, while she saw something else. Something he was never meant to see. And while he sweated in the field and worked and worked and worked, and broke his body over time, she counted the days and held onto her broom until her next chance to wander in the night, and waited and waited and waited.

And when the moon was full again and an unnatural sleep was upon the men, as did happen at this time, the young wives returned right there and right then to the darkness and the woods no man was meant to see. And while they danced with the flames and conjured their king, the moon and the darkness began to sing:

"Come to us in the dark and make us your own in a way that was never meant to be known."

And so the horned man returned to them again, and just like before, his festivities began. And the pleasures they felt, oh the pleasures they had! I sense that you know all these pleasures, don't you?

Yes, these delights would have been heard far, far away in the village, if the spell of the moon had not made them all sleep. And you wouldn't want them to know, would you, of what pleasures there were to be had in the darkness, in the woods? Of course not.

Because when it was time for the horned man to have his way, you would have wanted him to have his way and fill her with himself, because it just might have been you. And when it was time for him to pick one lovely voice from his beautiful pit of warm, wet moans, so that he could fill her up and make her sing for him, and make her scream for him, you know what was never meant to be known: that our lovely young lady would let him break her and make her his, and remind her that she was an animal again.

And if the sweet husbands had not been asleep, they might have heard what must have sounded like a prolonged and torturous murder of some young woman off in the dark woods, as she clawed at him and bit him while she moaned and screamed and came uncontrollably, promising herself to him forever.

And of course, you know the delights and pleasures would cause her to be so overcome that the thought of being found was a thought that never came. Just a deep joy and flame that was never meant to be known. Then, filled up completely inside, she returned to her bed and her sweet husband again, to awaken with a smile and caress his sweet face.

And then wait and wait with her broom in her hand, and pretend to sweep while waiting to play. And the mother of her sweet husband would come sometimes to her home with her broom and help her pretend to sweep. Because she also had a secret to keep, didn't she? And the young wife suspected that her sweet husband's mother also knew what was never meant to be known.

I wonder...

So on the darkly ordained night of our pretty young wife's final chance to take him in, the mothers of all the sweet husbands, the mothers who had all come to the village in their youth to be wed to the men of that very strange village. They came that night with their brooms to see and enjoy again the warmth and darkness of their horned king, who they in truth knew so well.

And while the young wives were had one by one by their dark god on this very special night, the mothers of the husbands flew round the moon and caused its song to stop. And in the quiet darkness, each sweet husband woke and, thinking some young woman was being tortured in the dark, ran into the woods and towards the flames.

And when the sweet husband of the lovely young lady of our dark story did arrive first at the flame and the altar of the horned lord of all secret pleasures, the mothers and the wives all stared him in the eye as he looked up to the writhing, screaming form of his wife as she finally surrendered to her king one last time.

And the sweet man saw for the first time in his life what uncontrollable surrender looked like, and he was finally broken and fell to his knees. And while the horned man came in her and filled her up, she looked down at her broken man and came again.

And upon removing his body from her and leaving a piece of himself inside of her, fully satisfied on his altar, the horned man spoke to the arriving men, each falling to their knees in tears, their nightmares realized:

"You wonderful boys of mine, my sweet and beautiful children, my blind and hardworking men. Because I am your father, my words will remain with you. This is true. You will never remember this terror. You will forget this night. You will forget this dream. And while your wives forever look to the dark wet of the earth and even deeper now, to the fire that never ends, you will only know that they love you like the sun and open sky, shining on your faces, caressing you. Forget this now, my children, and sleep."

And the men did sleep.

And in the morning, the sweet husband from the village awoke from his nightmare, and the dream of it faded, as you know dreams do. And the lovely wife that had come to him years ago from a distant farm smiled at him and caressed his face, and thought to herself of what no man is ever meant to know.

The Kiss of the Hypnotic Voice in Erotic Short Story Penetration (Presentation)

The hypnotic voice is something closer to a whisper than a normal speaking voice. In a sense you intend to lull the listener into a sweet surrendering and a letting go into your presence. Into the words you speak and what they mean. With your tone, you ease them into an altered state, and at the same time, give them words that hook their attention and keep them listening for more. At least that's my style.

While a person's hypnotic voice it is usually soft and gentle, it can also be very seductive sounding. So instead of simply sending them off to dream, it's like you're laying on the pillow next to them. As if you're speaking quietly into their ear, almost telling them with your cadence that you plan on having an even more intimate time with them than you already are. And wouldn't that be nice? I think so. Yes.

Here is a clip from "The Horned Man"

Multiple Meanings of Words in Erotic Hypnosis (And Erotic Fiction)

One of the ways suggestions and suggestive language can be woven into verbal storytelling is through the use of words that have more than one meaning. When you say, "She had come from a distant farm to marry a sweet man," you can emphasize come and say it in a slightly commanding voice in the middle of the sentence. Without ruining the sentence, of course. The effect is like the soft stroke of a finger in the bedroom across chest and neck. Barely noticeable.

Maybe the listener notices you emphasized it. Maybe not. While the odds of a sweet, innocent, first timer accidentally releasing uncontrollably the first time they hear you say the word come might not be very high, stacking these suggestions into the presentation does add to a subtle penetration of the mind with ideas that belong to the kind of story being shared. The use of multiple meanings comes at a pace that is usually too fast to process, so it slips in and is unconsciously enjoyed.

erotica and hypnosis

Happy Ending.

These are just a few techniques from erotic hypnosis that can be employed in sensual storytelling. And only a sample of the ways I encourage you, with my voice, to take my words Deeper Inside Your Mind. You're welcome to ask questions. I try to answer everything that does come my way. You can find the full version of The Horned Man here - The Horned Man. A Dark, Erotic, Hypnotic Faery Tale...

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