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An Honest Journey into erotic hypnosis

I prefer to be somewhat discreet about my sexual proclivities. Not that I feel ashamed about them in any way. It’s more that it can be a taboo or uncomfortable subject for some. I don’t casually throw around the idea that I write and perform erotic hypnosis. But when I do, the response is often something like, “Oh. Wow. That’s interesting. What’s that like?”


“Well,” I say, “Come a little closer, Darling, and let me tell you a tale. Let me summon you a spell of deep eroticism and adventure. And a Deeper, Deeper, Deeper satisfaction. That’s right, lover of enticing and hypnotic stories. All the way down. All the way back. Nice and deep.”


Many years ago, late at night, I was made aware of a recording titled "Erotic Hypnosis: Hands-Free…ORGASM." My heart began to beat already in amorous anticipation. Oh no. Wait. This is real. I gripped my headphones. I pressed play.


During that first listen I managed to maintain composure and self-restraint. Later I would acquire the art of surrendering myself to such profound sensations. I would learn how to just let it happen.


So began a journey deep into the dreamscape fantasy world of hypnotic eroticism. What I had discovered was something that was very real, yet also clearly a form of magic. I still carry the feeling with me that hypnosis is magic. And I believe this comes through when one treats the craft with a deep respect.

My musical career predates my tenure as a hypnotist and voice performer. Beyond lending my inflections to the recordings you hear, I am also the architect behind the accompanying musical scores, composing and performing each piece to provide a harmonious backdrop that enhances your immersive experience.


I have spent countless hours in session with clients, honing the art of erotic hypnosis. I have spent nearly as many under trance as subject, gaining my own intimate understanding of what it means to trust a hypnotist. And in the case of erotic indulgence, the importance of being discreet.

This is why everything that happens between you and I stays between you and I. 


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