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Sweet Unfolding: Erotic Hypnosis for Women to Come Undone

Embark on a hypnotic journey, where surrendering to sensuality becomes each step taken. Allow yourself to be entranced by the unfolding of your deepest sexual tenderness, as you gently drift into an intimate trance guided by my voice.

(Listen to sample above)


Feel waves of sensual serenity washing over you, as pleasure and arousal intermingle, growing stronger with each mesmerizing snap of my fingers. This experience transforms into a passionate love letter whispered into your heart.


As you immerse yourself in this hypnotic adventure, breathe deeply and let go of any lingering inhibitions. As each moment passes, your softens, your mind becomes more focused, and your spirit releases, as the sweet embrace of this Sweet Unfolding envelops you.


Close your eyes, and let the countdown lead you down the path of erotic discovery. Allow the power of hypnotic suggestion to awaken your fascination and deepen your senses, as you delve further into the unbound paths of your sexual self.



Through the power of hypnosis for women, this audio recording guides you on a voyage of relaxation and carnal poetry, leading you to the irresistible threshold of hands-free orgasm. Embrace the seductive touch of trance.


As you listen, let your body surrender to the pleasure, as the hypnotic suggestions gently coax your mind and soul into a state of sexual bliss. This erotic hypnosis experience is not only for those who seek the thrill of orgasm, but also for those who wish to indulge in the profound relaxation and intimate connection that this unique audio recording offers.

Copyright Deeper Inside Your Mind.

This audio recording is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this audio recording, including any use in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited by law. Any use without permission from the copyright owner may result in civil and criminal penalties, including possible fines and imprisonment.

Sweet Unfolding: Erotic Hypnosis for Women to Come Undone

  • Full Length - 25:49

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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