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An Honest Journey into erotic hypnosis

I enjoy being somewhat discreet about my sexuality. Not that I feel ashamed about it in any way. It’s more that it can be sort of a taboo or uncomfortable subject for others. So I don’t go throwing around the idea that I do this kind of hypnosis in casual conversation very often. It is pretty fun, though, when I tell someone what I do, and they’re like, “Oh. Wow. That’s interesting. What’s that like?” The eyebrows often rise.


“Well,” I sometimes say, “Pull up a chair, my dear friend, and let me tell you a tale of wonder and amazement. Eroticism and adventure. Self-discovery and Deeper, Deeper, Deeeeper satisfaction. That’s right, lover of enticing stories. All the way down. All the way back. Nice and deep.”


About eight years ago, late at night, I stumbled upon a video titled Erotic Hypnosis: Hands-Free Something, something…ORGASM! My heart began to beat a little bit faster. Oh no. This can’t be real. It’s real. I got my headphones. Pressed play.


Honestly, I think my heart was beating too fast to even pay attention to what I was listening to. The idea that hypnosis could be used to make me feel things like this was beyond my ability to process what was happening. And this was the first time I had listened to any hypnosis of any genre. Fortunately, I kept myself under control for that first listen. Or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it.


And so began a journey deep into the dreamscape fantasy realm of eroticism, bound firmly to hypnosis. What I had discovered was something that was obviously real and also clearly some form of actual magic. I still carry the feeling with me that hypnosis actually is magic. And I believe that magic comes through the work I do.


Upon realizing that destiny had placed something in my lap that carried the power of transformation, I began to learn and apply everything hypnosis. First, to my own life. Then to the lives of others. I have spent countless hours under trance as subject, gaining an intimate understanding of what it means to be taken on hypnotic journeys and touched deeply. Because of this, I firmly grasp the importance of trust between hypnotists and hypnotee (subject). And in the case of sensual and erotic content, the importance of being discreet.

This is why everything that goes on between you and me stays between you and me. Respect and trust.


I could bore you with the details of how I got from there to here, learned to incorporate storytelling and soundscapes, and discovered methods for bringing about unbelievable emotional and sensual release for many. But the fundamental reality is that hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for personal transformation (trance formation) that exists. I could see it immediately back then, and I continue to apply my craft with this in mind and with the understanding that it Actually Is Magic.

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