This IS a Journey into erotic hypnosis.


My adventure into the unbelievable world of hypnosis began years ago when I stumbled upon an erotic hypnosis recording. Hands Free Orgasm. "There's no way this can be real," I thought to myself. The thing is, though... I could already feel it in my body. I knew I was about to enter into something profound.


The moment I chose to open my mind to this experience and click that link my heart began to pound uncontrollably. Almost out of my chest. It was so intense I could hardly pay attention to the sound of the voice. And, well. You know what happens next.

Fast forward to now. After years of dedication to the pursuit of this deep passion I have been fortunate enough to bring the deeply intimate and... pleasurable experience of erotic hypnosis to others.

And more importantly. To you

Because it is your choice to go Deeper Inside Your Mind.


Recent Interview with Romance Novelist Author Esther Rabbit