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“I will never be able to repay the value you’ve given me. I’ve never exaggerated the benefits I’ve received. You have created a new, vibrant, and free woman. I'm forever grateful and will always be indebted to you. I feel like I'm just getting started!” 

   - D. Witner

"You have truly changed my life and I will always treasure You and Your craft. I feel so lucky to know how it feels to trust You. I feel so good to hear You communicate directly to to me thru these audios. You touch me deep inside my mind..and I feel it in my body and I can cum from thinking about how there is a man like You that walks the earth passing out pleasure pops to anyone one that needs it.."

   - Doll

"I’ve listened to it every day. It’s my all time favorite and the single most erotic thing I’ve ever listened to. It resonates so incredibly well with what I like and what gets me going. Sometimes I orgasm and sometimes not, but I always feel incredibly relaxed and giggly afterwards. Recently, I’ve felt like your audios focus on what I need and wish for in that moment, to a point that it seems like you’re a mind reader which is almost a little scary. But I don’t complain 😏 I’m so happy I discovered this incredible world of erotic hypnosis and can’t really thank you enough. Hope you continue to improve the life of women everywhere and live happily ever after!"

   Love, C.

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