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Step across the threshold of surrender into erotic mind control hypnosis and commence your awakening to profound submission and pleasure.


As a seasoned erotic hypnotist and experienced Dominant, I specialize in the art of sensual suggestion and command. This exclusive mind control recording is meticulously crafted to create a blissfully BLANK mind in the eager listener.


Immerse yourself in the submission of erotic mind control:


  • Relish in the freedom of letting go as my voice melts your willpower, replacing it with crystal clarity and absolute pleasure


  • Thrill to the sensation of your thoughts fading, mind focused solely on fulfilling my every amorous command


  • Bask in the indulgence of being a cherished object of desire, your subconscious reprogrammed for total resonance with deep sexual arousal


  • Delight in the taboo ecstasy of having your thoughts and sexuality masterfully excited to release by a powerful Dominant


When you submit to my erotic mind control, you are treated to an unparalleled BDSM experience tailored to your unique submissive needs. I pride myself on the creativity and care I put into each recording and session, ensuring that your deepest yearnings for blank mind and full body orgasm are perfectly satisfied.


Explore the rapture of mental domination:


  • Surrender to masterful erotic hypnosis techniques, perfected over years of study and experience


  • Revel in the attentiveness of a true connoisseur of submission as I intuit and cater to your specific fetishistic craving


  • Trust in my impeccable professionalism, discretion, and commitment to safe, sane, consensual power exchange


  • Savor the afterglow of profound subspace and a lingering pleasure on the edges of your empty mind, knowing you have served and pleased me to the utmost


Indulge your submissive side with this advanced, enthralling erotic mind control hypnosis recording. Let my voice be your guide to a new domain of orgasmic liberation through submission.



BLANK: Orgasmic Hypnosis - Erotic Mind Control

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