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The Reality of Slave Hypnosis from an Erotic Hypnotist

Written By Deeper Inside Your Mind

The commonly made statement is that a hypnotist can't make you do anything you don't want to do. The edgier reality is that once your mind is entrained deeply enough, hypnotic triggers can cause your body to do things that you no longer have conscious control over.

Key Takeaways: Understanding Slave Hypnosis


Reality of Slave Hypnosis


Deep entrainment can lead to involuntary physical responses


Pre-agreed triggers are essential for ethical practice


Unconscious triggers enhance the feeling of submission and loss of control


Proper boundaries and trust are crucial


Varies based on individual suggestibility and practice

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The Power of Hypnotic Triggers in Slave Hypnosis

Hypnotic triggers are pre-established cues that, when activated, can elicit specific responses from a hypnotized subject. In the context of slave hypnosis, these triggers can create powerful physical and emotional reactions that bypass conscious control. 

Depending on the suggestibility of your sub, triggers may only work while they are still in a hypnotized state. Once you've established powerful entrainment with them, the triggers should work at any time. When you really get into how this works you begin to realized that the boundaries of hypnosis are not necessarily the beginning and end of a session.

The power of hypnosis extends beyond the session. This can be used to strengthen aspects of the BDSM relationship with your submissive outside of play time.

Physical Responses to Hypnotic Commands

When a sub is in an entrained trance state, carefully crafted hypnotic suggestions can create involuntary physical responses. These can include, but are in no way limited to:

  1. Muscle rigidity or relaxation

  2. Heightened or dulled sensations

  3. Rapid entering and exiting of trance states

  4. Overwhelming desire to submit

  5. Overwhelming pleasure through the act of submission

  6. Spontaneous arousal and hands free orgasms

These responses occur due to the entrained mind's ability to influence the body's autonomic nervous system. Like I said, this can happen while in trance or out.

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Consent is the cornerstone of ethical BDSM Hypnosis play. Triggers and potential responses should be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon before any hypnosis games begin. If your sub is cool with you pushing beyond their stated boundaries, just take it slow and always remain conscious of their state during hypnosis.

It's always fine to stop for a moment and just ask them how they feel. How does this feel? How does that feel? Good. Let's continue then. Shall we...

Establishing Boundaries and Safe Words

Even in the context of complete control through slave hypnosis, it's crucial to establish boundaries and safe words. These act as fail-safes, allowing the sub to regain full conscious control if needed.

A good method is to use the safe words Red, Yellow, Green. If they say Red, you stop immediately. If they say Yellow, slow it down a little. If they say Green, keep going. This is a simple way of communicating quickly without breaking the flow of things.

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Deepening the Submissive Experience through Slave Hypnosis

Slave hypnosis can significantly enhance the feeling of submission for those who desire it. By relinquishing conscious control over certain bodily functions or responses, the subject can experience a profound sense of surrender.

And remember, the brain is a part of the body. The mind can be triggered to enter any number of mental states on command. This mental connection with your sub is deeply intimate and should be handled with the greatest care.

I personally lead with the carrot instead of the stick. Rewarding with pleasure for good behavior will always get you more of what you want. Punishment through hypnosis is thoroughly inappropriate, and will lead to your own suffering more than anything else. Just a warning...

Creating a Sense of Helplessness

Carefully crafted triggers can induce a state of perceived helplessness, intensifying the submissive experience. This can include:

  1. Inability to move certain body parts

  2. Compulsion to follow specific commands

  3. Overwhelming urges or sensations

  4. Deep satisfaction resulting from certain actions taken

It's important to realize that these experiences are the result of the sub's own mind/body connection responding to pre-agreed suggestions, not external force. They are basically replaying things they have already agreed to with you. Make them nice and your sub will love you more than the stars in the night sky.

Also remember to keep the helplessness contained to your sessions with the sub. And keep them contained strictly to your relationship with them. Anything like "helplessness" or weakness of any kind is not allowed to occur in the normal world as a result of your play.

Outside of your relationship they are to remain powerful, beautiful, strong. Use your hypnotic talent and their responsiveness to your suggestions to make them more of the capable being they wish to be in the real world.

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Training and Practice in Slave Hypnosis

Achieving the level of trance necessary for effective slave hypnosis often requires training and practice for both the hypnotist and the subject.

Developing Hypnotic Susceptibility

Regular hypnosis sessions can increase a subject's susceptibility to hypnotic suggestions over time. This process, known as hypnotic conditioning, can lead to more profound and reliable responses to triggers. You'll find that the more you work with a specific sub, the more responsive they will become to you. Especially if you've been rewarding good behavior with overwhelming pleasure and satisfaction.

Refining Hypnotic Techniques

For the hypnotist, mastering the art of BDSM hypnosis involves:

  1. Developing a deep understanding of trance induction techniques

  2. Crafting effective and ethical hypnotic suggestions

  3. Learning to read subtle cues from the subject to gauge trance depth and responsiveness

  4. Exploring new methods and finding your voice

The Psychological Appeal of Slave Hypnosis

For many individuals, the appeal of slave hypnosis lies in its ability to facilitate a temporary escape from the burdens of decision-making and self-control. If a person has to be in control a lot in regular life, it can be very helpful for them to have you to go to and really just let go. They need to let go, even if it is through being of service to someone like you who appreciates them deeply.

Erotic hypnosis allows for a safe exploration of extreme power dynamics, satisfying desires for dominance or submission in a controlled environment. Just remember that they are in your care when they surrender to you. You are not to abuse them. They will leave your care in a better state than when you found them. Period.

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Not only is aftercare important for helping your sub readjust to reality and recover. It is an opportunity for the two of you to become even closer. This person has put a tremendous amount of trust in you by allowing you to do things to them that satisfy you so very deeply. Take care of them. Show that mature love only a truly powerful Dominant can give. It's your job to make sure they're in excellent shape. Give them every reason to continue to trust you.

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