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Erotic Mind Control: Erotic Hypnosis Script

Written and performed by Deeper Inside Your Mind

This erotic hypnosis script caters to the craving for complete surrender and relinquishment of control. It heavily emphasizes the subject's desire to submit, be dominated, and hand over their free will to the hypnotist. If you have a sub who consents to this, lucky you. Listen below and read along if you like.

Instructions for Erotic Hypnosis Scripts

To effectively speak to your submissive, adopt a tone that is:

  • Authoritative and commanding, reflecting the sub’s desire to be dominated and controlled.

  • Psychologically astute and insightful, demonstrating a deep understanding of the listener's hidden desires and motivations.

  • Sensual and evocative, using rich, seductive cadence to paint a vivid picture of the erotic experience.

  • Reassuring and non-judgmental, creating a safe, accepting space for them to explore their submissive fantasies.

When writing your own erotic hypnosis scripts, consider being:

  • Intense and immersive, using repetition, rhythm, and vivid sensory details to draw the subject deep into the orgasmic hypnosis experience.

  • Psychologically provocative, using metaphors and symbolism to tap into the listener's subconscious mind and awaken dark sexual fantasies.

  • Poetic and expressive, employing literary techniques to elevate the erotic content beyond mere physical description and into the realm of psychological and emotional resonance.

Full Hypnosis Script for Personal and Private Use

Use at your own discretion. You take full responsibility for the results. (BEGIN)

While this particular hypnosis

May be artfully written


Eloquently spoken

You may find it to be

Somewhat overwhelming

Perhaps too much

Just remember 

This experience is meant

To remain contained

Within the confines

Of this recording

And at the end

I will awaken you again

Awaken new again

And you will

Be free to

Release yourself

From any 

Subjugation to my will

That you agree to

While you listen

And you do so

Love to

Surrender and

Submit so sweetly

To my will

Don’t you pet

Then lets begin

As you allow those

lungs rise and fall in delicate rhythm

You find yourself 

sinking deeper 


into a softly stretching state 

of profound relaxation

And yes


Deeper than surrender

You do


So that Every word I speak 

resonates deeply within your mind

Deeper Inside Your Mind

Guiding you to 

let go and 

Embrace your covert hungers

Each one evoked

in the way you 

Hear me accentuate

each syllable

I know you 

Love to

Be touched

By the sounds themselves

Prompted almost

To frisson

In letting go to

To what might

Have held you back

From letting go to me

Let go

You may feel a deep and

irresistible craving to 

surrender control

to allow yourself to 

be fully dominated by my will

And this is good

I know you 


A deep craving for this

And I accept you

As you

Offer yourself up to me

For my pleasure

For my satisfaction

And you will

Have to

Go much deeper

If you

Wish to satisfy me



You know I 


Take great pleasure 

In your surrender



Your mind is 

open and receptive

eagerly absorbing every command 

Every suggestion I give you


Display your mind

So that The more you listen to my voice

the more intoxicated you become 

On vibration and sensation

Noticing the way my words

Become more powerful

The longer that you listen

Yes I see you

Yes I know you

Desire to tempt me

Yes you

Allow yourself to

Become still


That sudden 

Tense arousal at

Being completely seen

Caught in the act

Of opening up


In naked

Open submission


Let it happen

So that as you 

find yourself thirsting

for that ideal 

surrender of your free will

longing to be molded and shaped

With every careful


Firm impression on you

Wipe away your mind

And make you mine

So that Each time you 

follow my commands

You might be rewarded

With unforgiving waves of intense pleasure 

To feel them 

course through your body

reinforcing your deep submission

You would like for me


Reinforce your deep submission

In this way

Wouldn’t you


And this allows you to


Shrouded urges 

whispering to be fulfilled

Uncover them

In deep submission

There is great

Freedom in this

You would like so much


slip deeper into trance

your empty mind

focused solely on obeying 

and pleasing

Isn’t that right

I think so

So that as

Any resistance or hesitation melts away

You find it is

replaced by overwhelming 

need to 


and serve

And what great

Satisfaction that

You bring to me

Through this

So go ahead now

So that

Concealed appetites of the spirit

rise to the surface

begging to be explored and fulfilled

They beg nearly

As vigorously

As you



You find yourself increasingly aroused 

by this idea of being controlled

Does your body 

respond eagerly to my voice

It would appear

As you 

feel every cell in your body

attune to my commands

ready and willing to 

obey without question

Satiate yourself

With this state



That’s it

Allow yourself to

slip into a blissful state of subspace

your mind and body 

perfectly aligned in deep submission

So that you truly

Know this peace of mind

A peaceful place


Shadowed impulses that beckon

May be

Awakened new

Lifted to a flowering for me

As the outside world has faded now

With your entire being 

focused on this moment of profound surrender

Growing gently




Remade as mine

In mind and body



As you are

As you 

immerse yourself 

in honeyed tones

Of voice that

Settle deeper into you

you find your psyche is

Drawn deeper still

into this maelstrom of exquisite submission 

and a boundless erotic rapture

That is yours

Because you submit completely to my will

So as you 

feel that irresistible compulsion to 

relinquish the reins of control

You allow yourself to 

be wholly consumed by your temptation

into subjugation

Feel the weight of dominance

Press down upon you

Like a comforting

Heavy blanket

Of arousal


Held tight

Exactly where you wish to be


Your mind

once a fortress of reason and restraint

now lies open and receptive

eagerly absorbing every 

drop of my hypnotic nectar

Like honey in your


Attentive ear

Descending further into 

Abysses of erotic ecstasy

And more


Always more


So that profound and all-consuming 

deep arousal 

Is the reward that

Always cums to you

For the depth of your submission

Feel it Pet

acquiesce to each command

Unleash a steady

Slipping deep

cascade of euphoria

Unadulterated bliss

Is now yours

Secret cravings that lie dormant

Are now yours

Taste them

That’s it

Inscribe the inside

Of your mind

With my desire

For your




Allow these unlit

Fantasies to



That’s it

Allow each fiber

Of your being now

To tremble

In anticipation

For just a little bit more pressure

Pressed upon you

In the shaping


Of this perfect


Open you

Feel it

Let it happen

Allow yourself to

Be exposed

Laid bare before the altar of my presence

And dominion

That’s it

Understand the meaning

Of obedience



Let it fill you

Feel it bind you

Ever tighter 

To my will

Are your mind and body 

sublimely attuned to the 

frequency of my dominance

Would you like to 

become more so


I believe so

Does your fertile mind

Accept the seed

Of even greater satisfaction


That is coming

I hope it does

Do you wish for your

profound earth-shattering 

eventual release 

To be a cataclysm of pleasure

Do you desire for

An avalanche of sensual


To be spoken into you

Perhaps a tidal wave of 

Deep orgasmic exaltation 

crashing over you

Would do

Is it what my 

Perfectly behaved

Attentive pet



We shall see

As long as you 

Allow your mind and body 


become a canvas 

upon which I 

paint a masterpiece of dominance

With each brushstroke 

a command that guides you deeper

As long as you




Then Cataclysm



Tidal wave

It is For you

And more importantly

For me

For your exquisite surrender of your will

And yearning to

be wholly consumed 

and possessed by the force

Of me upon you


You allow the

Full orgasmic

Cumming hard

That you desire


You allow this now

To rise in you

And overflow for me

Allow the rapture

Of your cataclysmic

Full release


Allow the satisfaction

Of an avalanche

Of Cumming 


Feel these tidal waves

Of me 

That crash upon you


And Over

And over

As your full reward

For deep and





And let it ride



Along and out

And as it will

And when you do

Return to waking

Loving life

You will

Be filled with

Something new

A new profound

And touching

Satisfying vision

Of yourself

That breathes

In deep

Delightful waking


In every footstep

Like sunlight

Falling through

The morning dew

Across the forest


of your own

Deep and full


When I reach 5

Awaken for me


Allow your mind to

Fill with crystal clear

Erotic satiation

Knowing you will always

Be more filled with

Satisfaction when you

Hear me speak to you


Awaken to this new

And open wide

Awakened you

In mind

And spirit

Alive and filled with

Love and light

And every form

Of deep delight


Carry with you

In your total freedom

Every word of mine

That touches you

Exactly as you need

Because you know

That this is

4 (for)

You to take with you

In all your shining

Newness and that

Lingering arousal

Deep Inside Your Mind

Where you may

Hear me call to you

Remind you

You Can Do this



You are strong

You are powerful

You are free


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