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Erotic Hypnosis Game - PENETRATING, Good Hypno

Deeper Inside Your Mind

As a certified hypnotist with years of experience in the erotic hypnosis game, I've got more than a few orgasmic tricks up my sleeve. Combining hypnotic trance with sexual suggestions can open up some excruciatingly satisfying, intimate experiences. And one of the best ways to tap into the power of erotic hypnosis is through immersive game play.

Being playful honestly makes the whole thing a lot more fun. It also helps me loosen up and express myself better. This aids in building long tern rapport with my submissives, because they get to enjoy me having fun with them. I want them to have lots and lots of orgasms and uncontrollable release, but I also want them to know me as a person with a good sense of humor. So why not play a little harmless game or two?

Let’s penetrate deep with some girthy erotic games, shaped to heighten arousal, deepen intimacy and lead to mind-altering pleasures. And continue down through the post to read about My Personal Favorite Erotic Hypnosis Game below. My own creation.

erotic hypnosis games to play

Table of Contents:

The Draw of Erotic Hypnosis Games

Ideas for Types of Erotic Hypnosis Games

My Personal Favorite Erotic Hypnosis Game

Playing Erotic Hypnosis Games with a Partner

Some Types of Erotic Hypnosis to Consider

Sensual Benefits of Erotic Trance

Description of Erotic Hypnosis Techniques

Is Erotic Hypnosis and Orgasm Safe?

Conclusion: Ready for Erotic Hypnosis Adventure?

Key Takeaways

The Draw of Erotic Hypnosis Games

Hypnosis games blend trance induction techniques with fun, engaging activities. I know. Sounds kind of vanilla, because it is. Erotic hypnosis games take this to an adult level, using hypnotic suggestion to stoke (stroke) sexual excitement. If you've never done this, you'll be surprised at the level of immersion this can arouse in you and your sub.

Erotic hypnosis games promise many thrilling benefits:

  • Safely explore your controversial sexual fantasies in a judgment-free zone

  • Experience heightened arousal from extreme hypnotic immersion in your turn-ons

  • Discover new erogenous zones guided by hypnotic suggestion (and create new erogenous zones)

  • Learn how words and trance can control pleasure (experiment)

  • Release inhibitions and self-consciousness through hypnotic relaxation

  • Develop closer intimacy and trust playing with your partner

  • Push the limits of what you think is possible for a person to experience orgasmically (be creative)

  • Enjoy unpredictable pleasure as scenes unfold spontaneously

The main thing I would say is to keep it fun by always experimenting with new things. Think about how you want the sexual relationship to develop over time. If you're the dominant, really give it to em'. See how far you can push your submissive and enjoy the feel of having them surrender completely to you. Physically, emotionally, mentally. The degree of satisfaction that can be gained is considerable.

erotic hypnosis game

Ideas for Types of Erotic Hypnosis Games

It's really up to you to discover through experimentation, but here are some ideas to seed your mind with.

Teasing and Denial Games

Bringing your lover right to the edge of climax then leaving them craving more. These games build anticipation through hypnotic edging play. The explosive, sexual release that can COME at the end of a long, drawn out edging is worth it:

  • Orgasm denial and release on command (Trigger word?)

  • Taking away permission to orgasm until given

  • Arousal without touching through mental stimulation then causing arousal to diminish when they do touch

  • Teasing through vivid fantasies and description where you're the only one who can decide what happens next

choosing erotic hypnosis game play

Immersive Roleplay Games

Acting out hot scenarios fuels arousal through imagination and character play. If you do it safely with a play partner who is able to really embody the role you give them, this can get reeeealy interesting:

  • Teacher/student, boss/intern, nurse/patient roleplay

  • Creating personas and acting in scene

  • Hypnotic roleplay removing inhibitions

  • Living out fantasies in vivid detail (as a known porn star?)

If they get really into the role and basically become the person, be sure to bring them back into themselves. Make sure that they will remember every aspect of the whole thing. It's a cool experience for them to reflect on later.

I personally like to have my lover choose someone who is famous who they would like to be. Then progressively work them into actually being the person. You can have some really interesting conversations with them being someone else. Then fuck them.

bdsm hypnosis game

Obedience and Submission Games

Surrendering control feeds the rush that can come with erotic hypnosis games:

  • Directed masturbation challenges

  • Pleasing your hypnotist through tasks

  • Erotic obedience training and rewards

  • Pushing your limits through hypnotic submission

Get creative with this. When you reward them with deep pleasure for submitting, you actually begin to change their behavior in general. So you can begin, with their consent, to modify and expand what they are willing to do in submission. When they experience satisfying pleasure as a result of a certain new action, they become much more comfortable doing things they wouldn't before. Remember to be a good person with this trick.

erotic hypnosis gameplay

Sensory Stimulation Games

With no touch needed, these games use words to trigger intense physical responses:

  • Feel virtual hands caress and arouse you

  • Experience temperature play, impact play mentally

  • Orgasm on command, hands free HFO hypnosis with no physical stimulation

  • Fun erotic forfeits or rewards for game results

There are endless variations and combinations of all of these things. It's really only limited only by your creativity and willingness to explore outside you and your subs comfort zones.

The hypnotic element makes the experience fluid, heightening immersion in the erotic game. Your creativity in combining and exploring will keep you both curious about what might happen next.

personal favorite erotic hypnosis

My Personal Favorite Erotic Hypnosis Game

Once I get a submissive lover into a completely entrained state, I really start to have fun with them.

It also honestly helps if you have a play partner who is in the top 20 percent of hypnotic suggestibility. It's just a fact of life that some people are hypnotic virtuosos and some are REALLY DIFFICULT to hypnotize. It's just the fuckin way it is.

BUT. And everyone I know has a big but.

But, when you find a sub who is also extremely hypnotizable, you can use the orgasm on command to really do some interesting things. What I like to do is have them orgasm every time they say a certain word or phrase. So it goes a little something like this...

I tell them, "Every time you say 'I submit willingly', you cum for me". Once this trigger is set, you tell them to say it. This is really good for cementing in them the pleasure associated with submitting willingly to you. And as long as you're a good person about all this, there is nothing wrong with it.

Then I like to experiment with other things like, "Every time you say 'it feels so good' you orgasm for me even harder". Then once that trigger is set I ask them, "How good does it feel when you cum for me?".

They say, "It feels so good", which causes them to orgasm even harder.

While they are still cumming I say, "How does that feel?"

"It feels so good". Boom.

Then I say, "Every time you say 'You make me feel so good' you experience and even more deeply satisfying orgasm. Do you understand?"

Sub - "Yes"

Me - "How do I always make you feel?"

Sub - "You make me feel so good". Then they say something along the lines of, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, fuck fuck fuck."

I like that kind of game.

erotic hypnosis games with partner

Playing Erotic Hypnosis Games with a Partner

Exploring erotic hypnosis games together builds intimacy and trust. Partners can discover each other’s fantasies and work together to create intense dominance and submission scenarios. I've found you can also evolve and develop new cravings and fantasies within your sub through exploration of what they can handle.

Communicate desires, boundaries and feedback to keep things safe and consensual.

Erotic games offer couples fun foreplay leading into sex or new ways to connect long-distance. Yes, this works over the phone and can be even better than sex for your sub. Even without physical touch, the hypnotic aspect makes the games feel deliciously real.

Here are some partner game ideas to try:

  • Give hypnotic suggestions to arouse them hands-free (obviously)

  • Act out sexy roleplays with their hypnotized character

  • Command them to reveal their secret fantasies

  • Hypnotize them to feel irresistible attraction to you (they should already be feeling that anyway)

The shared journey into trance makes for intimate bonding and new erotic discoveries.

Some Types of Erotic Hypnosis to Consider

Beneath the umbrella of erotic hypnosis reside many hypnotic styles for different tastes. Remember, these can all kind of mix and combine to make something custom. Below are some general types to consider:

  • Gentle and sensual suggestions for intimate connections

  • BDSM hypnosis for consensual power play

  • Gender-specific hypnotic scripts aimed at male or female subjects

  • Femdom hypnosis where the woman leads the erotic experience

  • Hypno porn videos with inducement followed by sexy scenarios

  • Immersive hypno games structured around fantasies and kinks

  • Mind-control themes focused on removing inhibitions and self-control

  • Body part hypnoses like nipple or cock hypnosis with targeted suggestions

  • Bambi Sleep where the subject embodies a hyper-feminine persona

The right erotic hypnosis style for you comes down to your desires and interests. Once you know what turns you on, you can pick more tailored games and audio.

hypnosis games

Sensual Benefits of Erotic Trance

Beyond the thrill of games, erotic hypnosis offers many feel-good benefits:

  • Stress relief: Trance relaxation soothes anxiety and melts away tension.

  • Confidence boost: Suggestions can help you feel sexy, desired and uninhibited.

  • Increased arousal: Focusing intently on fantasies and sensations naturally builds desire.

  • Emotional intimacy: Sharing a new experience builds vulnerability and trust.

  • Body awareness: Tuning inward enhances mind-body connections and responses.

  • Self-discovery: Exploring your reactions reveals turn-ons you may not be fully aware of.

  • Better sleep: The relaxation can calm your mind before bed for more restful sleep.

Even without overtly sexual suggestions, trance and visualization foster sensual self-awareness.

Description of Erotic Hypnosis Techniques

Skilled hypnotists use specific techniques to induce trance and deliver suggestions.:

  • Visualization: Painting vivid mental pictures engages imagination and senses.

  • Metaphor: Symbolic language like “melting into the bed” bypasses resistance.

  • Vocal techniques: Tone, pacing, whispers soothe and hold attention.

  • Binaural beats: Sound technology syncs brain waves to deepen trance.

  • Progressive relaxation: Moving step-by-step through muscle releasing builds hypnotic response.

  • Fractionation: Going in and out of trance strengthens its effects. (I like this one)

  • Shock induction: Snapping fingers for instant, startle-based trance.

  • Confusion: Quick redirects keep the conscious mind guessing and off-balance.

Mastering these methods helps hypnotists captivate their subjects. But responsibly used hypnosis never overrides free will or safety.

lovely lady in a red dress playing a game with a deeply handsome athletic man in a suit

Is Erotic Hypnosis and Orgasm Safe?

Erotic hypnosis carries no medical risks when practiced ethically between consenting partners. However, emotional safety requires care. Be a good person.

Building trust is key. Be a good person. Check for triggers or trauma that could be upset. Agree to boundaries and create a gesture to end trance if needed.

Stay aware of your partner's reactions and adjust the experience accordingly. Keep communication ongoing before, during and after playing together. Always keep track of where they're at. You carry them in your hands.

Integrity matters on both sides. The hypnotist must avoid coercive or nonconsensual suggestions. The subject should follow reasonable directions to fully experience trance.

With a foundation of informed consent, erotic hypnosis can be an intimate thrill. But forcing trance or suggestions on an unwilling partner damages trust and safety. So...

Be a good person.

(Check Availability)

Ready for Erotic Hypnosis Adventure?

Hopefully this overview has intrigued you with the DEEPLY PENETRATING possibilities of erotic hypnosis games and activities. Exploring this unique headspace can unlock new passions and connections.

Now that you understand a few more techniques, benefits and the ethical practices, you can continue playing safely. Saturate your submissive in hypnotic words and watch them let go into trance. And Cum. And Cum. And Cum. And...

Key Takeaways: Listen for the Trigger

Erotic Hypnosis Games

Types of Erotic Hypnosis

Hypnotic Techniques

- A blend of hypnotic trance induction and sexual suggestion which heightens arousal, deepens intimacy and leads to mind-altering pleasures.

- Gentle and sensual erotic hypno games.

- Visualization: Detailed mental pictures to engage the imagination and the senses.

- Promotes safe exploration of controversial sexual fantasies, release self-conscious inhibitions, and push the limits of orgasmic experience.

- BDSM hypnosis for consensual power play.

- Metaphor: Using symbolic language to bypass resistance.

- My personal favorite game involves triggering an orgasm every time the submissive says a certain word or phrase.

- Immersive hypno games focused on fantasies and kinks.

- Fractionation: Going in and out of hypnotic trance to strengthen its effects.

Suggested: Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

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