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Oh, my Golden Heart, this recording is a journey unlike any other. It will take you to the uncharted territories of your mind and body, where pleasure awaits with open arms. The script is crafted with such intricate detail that it will stimulate every sense within you and transport you into a world where the mind and matter share an intimate space.


With each passing moment, experience waves of intense pleasure that leave you breathless. Pulsating sensations course through your being as chasmic orgasms shake your very core. This recording invites you to let go completely and surrender yourself to the blissful union that transcends all physical boundaries.


As every snap echoes in your ears, know that it leads you on an unforgettable journey deep into the depths of ecstasy. For within its seductive whispers lies a passion waiting to be unleashed upon thy soul.

Spoken to you in the liquid chocolat, soothing, and masculine voice of Deeper Inside Your Mind.
Appropriate for both genders.


Copyright Deeper Inside Your Mind

This audio recording is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this audio recording, including any use in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited by law. Any use without permission from the copyright owner may result in civil and criminal penalties, including possible fines and imprisonment.

HFO Hypno: Golden Heart Erotic Hypnosis for Intimacy

  • Full Length - 21:16 
    44.1 kHz MP3
    playable on all devices 

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