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Just a Moment: Lit Erotica Audio in Erotic Hypnosis Story Form

In this erotic tale, a woman wakes up in the middle of the night to the sounds of intimate voices outside her window. Drawn to the scene, she watches the silhouette of a man and woman, their passion igniting something within her. The experience leaves an indelible mark on her, opening her mind to new possibilities.


Her partner listens closely and encourages her to explore further, finding her voice in his mind, asking him to do and say things that would make their fantasies a reality. He then invites her into his dreamworld, a space where their desires intertwine, and they can explore the depths of their connection.


In this dream, she guides him into a deep trance, and he willingly surrenders to her. She gifts him the ability to speak her thoughts and desires, and they become one in their shared dream. The couple finds themselves on a stage, their silhouettes on display, performing for an audience whose eyes are filled with curiosity and arousal.


As they share this intense, passionate encounter, he speaks for his lover, reciting the script she has written for them. The audience watches as they move together, time seemingly slowing down, drawing out each intimate touch, each kiss, each whispered word.


Their lovemaking becomes a beautiful, powerful performance, a celebration of their connection. The protagonist speaks her desires, painting a vivid picture of their lust and love, a testament to the depths of their bond.


The audience is captivated, drawn into the ecstasy of their shared moment. As the climax approaches, the lovers open up to each other fully, allowing the intensity of their passion to stretch out and last forever. This experience imprints itself on their minds, a silhouette of their love that will always remind them of heights reached together.

Just a Moment: Lit Erotica Audio in Erotic Hypnosis Story Form

  • Uncut/Full Length - 26:35

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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