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As you listen to my voice, INITIATE, remember to breathe deeply and allow your body to come with me. Breathe in the softness of our shared dream world and feel yourself become initiated into a sensuous experience that draws you deeper with every passing moment.


Let yourself be carried away on this gentle tide of pleasure as I guide you into dreamy state filled with warmth and intimacy. With each breath, feel the flowering within you growing stronger as we journey together through landscapes both familiar and unknown.


As we continue along this path, let my words wrap around you like a warm blanket of sensation. Allow them to weave their way deep into your consciousness until they become one with your very being.


And if at any point you find yourself needing further guidance, know that I am here for you. Let me initiate within you a feeling so exquisite that it leaves room for nothing, but pure delight and fulfillment.


Come now, my love - open yourself fully to this experience and allow it to carry you ever closer towards the pleasures that await us Deeper Inside Your Mind.

Spoken to you in the liquid chocolat, soothing, and masculine voice of Deeper Inside Your Mind.


Appropriate for both genders.


Copyright Deeper Inside Your Mind

This audio recording is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this audio recording, including any use in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited by law. Any use without permission from the copyright owner may result in civil and criminal penalties, including possible fines and imprisonment.

Erotic HFO Hypnosis: Initiate to Come within and Release

  • Full Length - 24:27 
    44.1 kHz MP3
    playable on all devices 

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