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Escape: A Nurturing Watercolor of Erotic Hypnosis Audio Arousal

Immerse yourself in this poetic exploration of the mind, helping you to find a sense of lightness and escape from the heaviness of existence.


(Sample audio above)


As you listen, you discover that your existence is not a burden, but rather a flowing motion filled with eager emotions. By allowing yourself to be patient and open to the experience, you begin to feel a sense of relief and relaxation. My words gently paint the inner walls of your mind, helping you to know a serene and calming environment inside.


I invite you to let go of your waking tensions and unwind as you drift into a state of deep relaxation. Open the windows of your mind and explore your own imagination, creating a comfortable space where you can truly enjoy the sound of my voice taking you deep into erotic flight within.


Throughout the journey, I use evocative and sensual language to stimulate your senses and guide you into a world where your emotions and desires are heightened. Be guided to connect with your lover, and experience the warmth and intensity of presence, while also surrendering to the pleasure and passion of the moment.


As you continue to drift and wander, you will come to realize that existence is light and filled with motion, and your emotions will be eager for more. This recording ultimately leads you to a place of self-discovery and a deep appreciation for the beauty of life and love.


It is an intimate gift from me to you – an enchanting watercolor painting of escape, love, and emotional exploration through sexual gratification and lovers' grasping.

"And As One inspired mess

Of nurtured tones

And feeling friction,

Do you Demand your lover

Give you more

And Make you open wide

And grasp

And gasp?"

I hope so.

Escape: A Nurturing Watercolor of Erotic Hypnosis Audio Arousal

  • Uncut/Full Length - 23:08

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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