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Attic Window: Sexual Hypnosis for the Poetic Lover

Unlock your attic window and embark on an intimate journey with your poetic lover, filling your nights with warmth, passion, and enchanting stories. Let yourself be hypnotized by the sensual power of these words, as they lead you to a world where dreams and reality meld. 

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"Attic Window: Sexual Hypnosis for the Poetic Lover" invites you to explore the dreamscape of fantasy, as you drift into a trance state between the pages of a captivating story. Allow your lover to whisper softly into your heart, igniting the sparks of dreams upon awakening your senses to new heights of pleasure. 


Feel the warm, buzzing, humming energy of love coursing through your veins, as your lover weaves their way into the tapestry of your dreams. Breathe in the air from the open attic window, and let it fill you with the promise of sensual delights that await you in the night. Together, you will find that something within which you thought was lost, and restore it to its full, vibrant thriving within you. 


As you journey deeper into this hypnotic realm, your lover guides you to explore and release your urges to let go, filling you with a sense of satisfaction and completion. And when the morning comes, shining brightly through the window, you will emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose, ready to shine in the light of day.


Come now, where sensuality, love, and poetry intertwine in the most enchanting ways. Leave your attic window open, and let the magic of this hypnotic experience transform you from within.

Copyright Deeper Inside Your Mind


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Attic Window: Sexual Hypnosis for the Poetic Lover

  • Full Length - 20:40 

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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