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Surrender yourself to the poetic allure of erotic hypnosis, as the hypnotist's voice navigates you through a sensual adventure. Allow Deeper Inside Your Mind to help you reach the precipice of orgasm, awakening your deepest desires and unleashing a passionate energy that craves exploration. (3-minute sample in video above.)


Feedback for "Alive: Erotic Hypnosis for Orgasm"



"This is a fascinating technique! The combination of erotic verses, peculiarly arranged, had the effect of creating a deep, undulating orgasm at the end of the hypnosis. Because of the suggestion, I listened to it twice in a row. In the secondary experience, I intuitively felt that I would “feel” more in regards to what had just been suggested to my subconscious, and engaged more in my imagination. The “Thank You” at the end is a sweet touch. Thank you as well. ✨❤️"



"Mmmm....drowning in peace was exactly how I was feeling as you said it. I listened twice.. 🥰🥰 So relaxed now. 💖 Your words never miss. 💋💋"



"Beautiful. Every delicious moment. Feel deeply, love. 🥰"



Be captivated by the enticing force of each uttered word, coursing through your mind like caressing hands beneath your garments. Permit yourself to be consumed by passion, experiencing erotic hypnosis and sexual movements of emotion like never before. Overcome your inhibitions and yield entirely to the intense waves of pleasure washing over and within you with poetic words, woven to hypnotize.


This recording provides more than just eroticism; it encourages a transformational experience where each motion only fuels your sexual appetite further. Engage actively in your own arousal, savoring every sensation made tangible.


Indulge in the hypnotic enchantment woven by the voice of the hypnotist, whispered suggestions intended to guide you toward deeper satisfaction. Immerse yourself repeatedly in this evocative realm where metaphors caress your innermost being, taking hold and unlocking doors that lie in wait.


Allow these words, saturated with seductive waves of prose, to lead you toward orgasmic oblivion - commencing with tender touches, escalating, and culminating in an explosive release that leaves the sublime pleasure of libido fulfilled in its wake.


Embrace this world of erotic hypnosis entirely - a realm teeming with intoxicating secrets yearning to be uncovered. Deeper Inside Your Mind, as a hypnotist can help you achieve a state of relaxation, enhancing your sex life and even incorporating elements of poetry as you delve into the province of sexual desire and sexual hypnosis.


This Erotic Hypnosis is spoken to you in the velvety, soothing, and masculine voice of Deeper Inside Your Mind.


Appropriate for both genders.

Copyright Deeper Inside Your Mind


This audio recording is protected by copyright law. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition of this audio recording, including any use in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited by law. Any use without permission from the copyright owner may result in civil and criminal penalties, including possible fines and imprisonment.

Alive: Erotic Hypnosis for Orgasm through Poetic Sexual Hypnosis.

  • Full Length - 20:09 

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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