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Orgasm Denial Stories - Belonging to Him Still

Written and Performed by Deeper Inside Your Mind

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Chapter 1

Lena lay back on the plush bed, her naked body writhing with need. The black silk ties binding her wrists and ankles held her splayed open, vulnerable. Taut. Waiting.

He stood over her, his eyes roving across her trembling flesh with a mixture of hunger and cool appraisal. She could practically feel the heat of his gaze as it traced over the curves of her breasts, her nipples drawn into aching peaks, down to the glistening center of her desire.

"Please..." The word escaped her lips, a barely audible whisper. A plea. A prayer.

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a smile that was pure sin. He drew one finger along the inside of her thigh, a barely-there touch that set her nerve endings aflame. Higher and higher, until he was just brushing the outer lips of her sex. Lena whimpered, her hips rising off the bed seeking more. Craving firmer contact.

But he withdrew, tutting softly. "So impatient. We've barely begun and you're already begging."

A needy sob bubbled up in her throat as the coil of tension low in her belly ratcheted tighter. She was so unbearably empty. Aching to be filled, to be taken. But she knew better than to voice her desperation again.

He liked her like this. Shaking and almost incoherent with lust. Willing to do anything, promise anything, for even the smallest taste of relief. He had spent hours working her body into this frenzy, bringing her to the brink again and again only to leave her hanging.

Now the lightest graze of his fingers felt like a branding iron. Each orgasm denial only stoked the flames higher until her entire being was focused on the throbbing, pulsing need building between her legs.

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Chapter 2

Lena floated in a haze of desperate arousal, only dimly aware of her surroundings beyond the bed. Time stretched and warped. Had it been hours? Days? Her world had narrowed to the maddening dance of his touch - now firm and demanding, now feather-light and teasing.

He seemed to know her body better than she did, playing her like a finely-tuned instrument. Stoking the fires ever higher while carefully banking them juuuust short of the explosion she craved. The orgasm she could feel building in her core like a gathering storm, so close but never quite breaking.

A light sheen of sweat glistened on her skin as she trembled and panted. When his wicked fingers dipped between her folds, sliding easily through the copious proof of her arousal, she nearly wept with gratitude. Yes, yes, please! But they ghosted away again and she couldn't bite back a desperate, agonized moan.

"You're close, aren't you Pet?" His voice was a dark, sinful purr that vibrated through her like a tuning fork against her clit. "I can feel you trembling, trying so hard to hold back. But you won't come until I allow it."

Lena whimpered in acknowledgement and need. It was torment, it was bliss. Her body was an inferno of sensation, a tinderbox awaiting ignition. At this point she felt she might die if he denied her again, or perhaps if he finally granted her release. But oh, what a way to go...

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Chapter 3

At some point, he had released the bonds on her ankles, spreading her legs wider. The wet, obscene sounds of his fingers pumping in and out of her needy sex filled the room, punctuated by her choked-off moans and pleas.

Lena was so far gone, so consumed by the driving need for MORE, that the sharp sting across her inner thigh took her by surprise. She jerked and gasped, focusing bleary eyes on his face. He was holding a small leather crop, tapping it almost idly against his thigh.

"I think, Pet, you're in danger of forgetting what this sweet cunt is for." SLAP! The crop came down again, the burning kiss of leather searing her sensitive flesh. "It's mine to use, mine to torment, mine to pleasure as I see fit. You don't come until I say. Understand?"

"Yes Sir!" She gasped out. The crisp pain was a sharp counterpoint to the hazy fever of arousal, making everything feel MORE.

He continued the dual onslaught, fingers pumping and twisting in her greedy hole while the crop landed stinging kisses on her thighs, her mound, her peaked nipples. Each strike jolting her higher, the answering clench of her pussy ratcheting the tension impossibly tight.

Lena was lost to it now, a creature of pure, sexual delayed gratification. Her whole world narrowed to the feeling of fullness, of brutal blissful torment. She could feel her climax coiling at the base of her spine, urgent, inevitable...

And then his fingers were gone. Leaving her clenching around emptiness with a bereft wail. The crop too fell still as he let her ride the razor's edge.

"One day I'll keep you like this always." He mused as she shook and panted. "Constantly teetering on the verge of coming, never knowing if the next touch will send you flying or leave you hanging."

She could only whimper brokenly at the erotic threat, hips making abortive little thrusts into the air. Seeking a friction that wasn't there. Please, please...

Chapter 4

Suddenly she was empty no longer, his thick length filling her in one brutal thrust. A scream tore from her throat, her back bowing as she strained against the ties. Yes, God, finally!

He set a punishing pace, pounding into her hungry body with abandon. One hand gripped her hip, fingers sinking in hard enough to bruise. The other found her breast, tugging and twisting her nipple just shy of too hard.

"Is this what you needed, slut? To be used and split open on my cock?" He growled, snapping his hips sharply against hers. "You'd let me do anything to you right now, wouldn't you?"

"Yes!" Lena sobbed out, almost delirious. She felt owned, taken, deliciously used. Each thrust pushed her higher, the tension coiling tighter. "Please Sir, I need... I need..."

He laughed darkly, a hand coming up to lightly circle her throat. "I know what you need, Pet. And you'll get it when I'm ready to give it to you."

His rhythm grew erratic, harder, as his own release approached. Lena was insensate now to anything but pleasure as it crested, towering over her like a tidal wave poised to crash. Please, please, please...

Then his hand was on her mound, pressing right against her swollen, neglected clit. He groaned long and low as his thrusts reached a crescendo, hitting that perfect spot inside her again and again. "Now, Pet. Come for me NOW!"

Lena shattered.

The orgasm ripped through her like a force of nature, pleasure and relief crashing over her in drowning waves. Her scream of ecstasy seemed to echo through her whole being as every nerve lit up in blissful fiery completion.

She was distantly aware of him following her over the edge, his cock pulsing as he filled her with his release. But it was background noise to the supernova consuming her, the culmination of hours of exquisite torment.

It seemed to go on forever, aftershocks jolting through her overloaded system. By the time she floated back to earth, tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes, chest heaving with unsteady gulps of air.

He brushed sweat-damp hair back from her face with a tenderness at odds with his earlier roughness. Pressing soft kisses to her temple, her cheeks, her fluttering lashes.

"That's my good girl," he murmured soothingly. "You took that so well for me, my perfect little toy. I'm going to have so much fun breaking you apart and putting you back together, Lena. Over and over again."

She could only hum contentedly, already starting to drift. Later there would be aftercare. Soothing balms and whispered praises. For now she was wrung out, floating, a well-used vessel poured empty of everything but satiated bliss.

This was only the beginning of their journey into the dark delights of pleasure through denial. But oh, what a sweet beginning it was for her, Belonging to Him Still...

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