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Unduly Flattering Praise Kink Phrases from an Erotic Hypnotist

Written By Deeper Inside Your Mind

I like to start from the perspective that when you are giving praise you are showing love. When I give praise, I am showing genuine affection. When you show genuine affection, your sub can feel it

Whether you're a noob to this or looking to enhance your repertoire, these artfully crafted praise kink phrases will help you create deeply satisfying experiences for your partner. And that's how we like it. Don't we, now? Nice and deep.

Speak these words with a lowered tone and cadence to edge your submissive into an amorous, trancelike state.

Praise Kink Girl

Affirmation and Adoration: Essential Praise Kink Phrases

When penetrating the sweet recesses of your subs pretty little mind, it's crucial to express genuine admiration and affection. Don't worry if the object of your obsession doesn't understand every word. It just makes you appear thoughtful and intelligent. Which you are.

  1. "Your presence intoxicates me, even when you sleep."

  2. "Somehow I have found a living aphrodisiac that rouses the animal beneath."

  3. "Come closer, darling. Let me introduce this animal into your gentle presence."

  4. "Every curve of you begs to be tasted."

  5. "Perhaps you were sculpted so as to be devoured."

  6. "Let me taste you so that I can be sure."

  7. "Your mind is as arousing as your form."

  8. "You are the labyrinth of pleasure I choose to lose myself in."

  9. "The graceful elegance you embody leaves all in awe of your lithe beauty."

  10. "It fills me with jealously to even think that others might enjoy to look at you."

  11. "When you smile for me. Yes like that. Right there. Keep doing that for me."

  12. "I would tell you that you are perfection made flesh. But you already know this. Don't you..."

  13. "Your touch evokes flame within me. Smoldering, uncontrollable urges I strain to suppress."

  14. "I can feel how you enjoy to do this to me."

Celebrating Submission: Praise Kink Phrases for Power Dynamics

For those who enjoy power dynamics (me) in their praise kink, these phrases can enhance the submissive experience. Try starting by having your sub say, "I surrender to you" or "I submit willingly to you." Communication back and forth drastically increases the effectiveness of your statements.

  1. "You understand that I value your surrender. Yes? Very good."

  2. "I consider your obedience to my desire a gift. You understand this."

  3. "When you submit to me, I am filled with adoration for you."

  4. "Do you enjoy to cause me to adore you with your obedience?

  5. "I want you to allow yourself to feel my adoration for you when you submit. Understand."

  6. "You arouse me with the trust you place in me. How does this make you feel..."

  7. "Very good."

  8. "Your devotion to my pleasure is deserving of endless praise. Tell me, pet. Are you deserving of endless praise..."

  9. "Show me."

  10. "Your eagerness to please me satisfies a deep need in me. I sense you know this."

  11. "The way you tremble in your eagerness arouses only more."

  12. "Tremble for me, lover."

  13. "Perfect."

woman receiving her praise

Mastering the Art of Praise Kink

I believe you can see what I'm doing here with these statements. If you want to add power to the experience, ask for responses from your sub. Get them to say the things you want. Make them tell you they fucking love you more than anything in the world. With tears in their little eyes. Then REWARD THEM with the praise they desire.

This creates a Pavlovian response in their body where you are literally training them to give you what you want. It is basically a form of erotic hypnosis when you do it right. You're training them to experience the pleasure they desire.... when they give you what you desire. It's a Win-Win.

Some other things. Remember that the key to effective praise comes from sincerity and genuine emotion. Even if what you're saying is extreme. No. ESPECIALLY if what you're saying is extreme. Tailor your words to your partner's unique proclivities and sexual urges, and let your adoration for them come through in your tone and body language.

Experiment with different statements and observe your subs's reactions. Pay attention to which words and themes resonate most with them. Let them share their own special triggers with you.

And remember, it's not just about the words you say, it's the vibe

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