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How to Praise Kink Like a Seducer and a Dominant

Written By Deeper Inside Your Mind

How to Praise Kink? To embrace this art of amorous loving, start by WRITING! If you're uncomfortable saying lovely things, you gotta start brainstorming. Once you've got a few lines, say them out loud when you're alone. Keep brainstorming. Narrow it down. You'll get it.

Another good start with any kink is openly communicating with your partner (partners?;) about your urges, boundaries, and fantasies. Experiment with different forms of verbal and even physical praise, ranging from affectionate gripping and squeezing to poetic expressions of admiration

And hey, you don't have to demean yourself to praise someone. In all honesty, I prefer to come from a place of loving dominance. When a submissive receives praise from someone they look up to (instead of down upon) the satisfaction is absolutely erotically arousing. 😈 💦

praise kink couple

Key Takeaways

  • Brainstorm what to say and write it down

  • Keep writing, Casanova

  • Say it while you're alone so you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself

  • Write some more now that you got that pen in your hand

  • Test that shit out on your sub and see what really feels good

  • Play around with different ideas that stem from testing

  • Use erotic hypnosis to amplify your praise kink game (my specialty)

Psychological Seduction of Praise Kink

As a sensualist with a curious mind and a penchant for erotic satiation, you understand the value of exploring new avenues of psychological pleasure and gratification. Praise kink, with its blend of verbal seduction, emotional connection, and power dynamics, offers a sophisticated and thoroughly rewarding path to influencing your submissive on a profound level. Trust me.

If you give someone what they truly desire on a deep level, they will do almost anything to please you. It's just the way it is. And if they aren't filled with a desire to please you after you inundate them with praise, save yourself the headache and heartache. DON'T DO IT.

praise kink dominant and submissive

The Power of Words to Make You Feel So Good

At its core, praise kink taps into our fundamental human need for validation, acceptance, and emotional connection. When we receive genuine adoration and affection from our partners, our brains are flooded with a delightful cocktail of feel-good chemicals, enhancing our sense of pleasure and deepening our bonds. Good seduction is a dance of words and emotions, where the power of language is harnessed to turn your lover to putty in you hands.

Why do you think Shakespeare is still famous?

Make a Safe BDSM Space for Affirmation

There really isn't much danger in giving praise and adoration, but it's a kink. So that's always something to think about it if you're making formal play out of it. Create a safe, consensual atmosphere where your sub can open up to receive you fully as they bask in the joy of appreciation and adoration.

Or just wing it. It is about tapping into the erotic power Deeper Inside Your Mind and allowing yourself to experience the pleasure of dominance through the artistry of language. Eventually it becomes second nature and requires zero prep work.

praise kink fetish

Communicating Your Fetish and Boundaries

As you penetrate deeper into the world of praise kink, remember to approach your own desires with a sense of patience, curiosity, and self-compassion. Especially if you're all uncomfortable about it. Be easy on yourself, DOM. As you become more comfortable with your own authentic inner dominant, your submissive will naturally become more open and trusting with you. This is what you want.

At some point you'll need to engage in some honest, heartfelt communication about your kink, boundaries, and fantasies. This lays the foundation for a safer, more thoughtful, and deeply fulfilling erotic experience.

Experimenting with Praise Kink Phrases

Allow yourself to playfully experiment with different forms of verbal praise. This can range from simple compliments about your partner's appearance or sexual prowess (yes please) to more elaborate, poetic expressions of admiration and desire. The key is to find the words that resonate with you and your partner, stoking that smoldering and deepening your emotional connection.

If it doesn't spill forth from your lips, just take a few minutes alone and start writing some things down. Then when you have some words that you think might sound good, say them out loud. Pay close attention to how it feels to speak the words. Feeeeel it. That's right. You'll see what I'm talking about.

Once you have some that feeel right, start experimenting with your sub. Make it fun. Be playful. Whisper in their ear. Stand towering above their vulnerable little self. See what resonates. Pay attention to how their face and body respond. You'll see what works. You'll feel it.

praise kink submissive

Exploring Praise Kink with Erotic Hypnosis

I have to throw this in, because I'm a seasoned erotic hypnotist and it's how I got started experimenting with praise. I had originally focused on things like physical arousal and masculine dominance during my hypnosis sessions. What naturally came out was a fair amount of gentle praise woven into the erotic hypnosis scripts. It's just the way I am. Loving. When I realized how effective this combination can be, I started doing sessions and play that focus specifically on the experience of being helplessly adored.

If you already know a little bit of hypnosis, incorporating this skill to amplify the effects of praise kink always leaves your sub in a puddle of their own self satisfied bliss. And other liquid. It's the ultimate in ego gratification and will leave them feeling like a wet million bucks.

Reveling in the Power of Words and Emotional Connection

Embrace the power of words, the beauty of emotional connection, and the erotic potential of your own mind. Play with it. Have fun. Allow yourself to revel in the joy of seducing and influencing your submissive in ways that no one in this lifetime is likely to match. (I knew that part would get you ;)

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