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Release the secret pleasures deep inside you with this incredibly potent HFO (Hands Free Orgasm) erotic hypnosis recording. Masterfully crafted by Deeper Inside Your Mind and written in a confident, reassuring, and masculine voice. Created to tap into the psyche, addressing desires and removing inhibitions.


This HFO erotic hypnosis recording is a deeply intimate journey of sensual self-discovery. Relinquish control as Deeper's soothing voice draws you seductively into a trance state, coaxing your subconscious to the forefront. Become enveloped in an all-consuming sensual experience as you dive headfirst into an ocean of erotic pleasure.


With your comfort and pleasure as the prime focus, this HFO erotic hypnosis recording allows your body and mind to unwind, receptively opening to the inviting tones. The rhythmic pulse of Deeper's voice resonates, stirring dormant fantasy, and systematically unblocking the channels of sensuality, creating space for explosions of pleasure.


Elevate your arousal as he gently guides you through stages of erotic anticipation, turning whispers into rising waves of euphoria. Allow your deepest, hidden sexual desires to awaken. In the heart of this HFO erotic hypnosis lies the promise of the sought after hands-free orgasm, sparked not by physical touch but the profound psychological connection established between your mind, body, and Deeper's voice.


Surrender to the allure of suppressed desires and let this masterful hypnosis introduce you to realms of pleasure you've yet to explore. A revelation, a reawakening of raw sexual power awaits as you Come Deeper Inside Your Mind. Now.

What people have to say about this recording -



"Okay but really at first nothing was working and next thing I knew I was rocking my hips like a mad womenand bam that was amazing"



"I have never listened to a hypnosis before and was skeptical, but 2 seconds in I was hooked! There's something about your voice that draws me in and puts me under your spell. I am now going to binge! ️"



"After 2 years of sexual famine in my marriage, I have discovered this track and have reclaimed my feminine sexual energy. Fully opened and powerfully released. What freedom. Will definitely be back for more of your voice"



"This works! I replayed the trigger several times in one session and it worked each time."



"I was begging Master for release long, long before the trigger came, but I am so glad I managed to wait obediently till it came. I ended up glowing but exhausted. Thank you!!"



"OMG!!!that felt soooooo good thanks I Really needed this"



"You took everything out .like how I'm crying now .. I never shaked like this before ..god damn"



"Oh my gods that was amazing. I’m going to start listening to this nighly blessed be sir"



"PSA I bought a custom recording from him recently where its multiples of him and omg it is this x10. Highly recommend ordering a custom on his website..he is out of this world!"



"Wow! After a nasty break up, with a dependency on sex, trust me, you are helping to purify the negative and positive footprint of my ex on my body. Thanks a lot!"



HFO Hypnosis Erotic Audio for Women

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