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Golden Ticket: Lightly Sexual, Romantic Fantasy Hypnosis

In a carnival of dreams, a mesmerist hands you a golden ticket, beckoning you to embark on a fantasy erotica audio of capricious delight. This hypnosis recording takes you through the gates of an ethereal amusement park, where celestial carnivals and vibrant wonders unfold before your very mind.


As you listen to the oncoming realization within, the veils of illusion gently peel away to reveal a radiant, glowing knowing. This calming awareness, nurtured through pleasure and emotional release, invites you to explore your deepest self, uncovering your true element and the mysteries of your essence.


Drift along with my voice, as you ride a carousel of dreams, slowing down and surrendering to the enchantment of the stars and clouds. Your golden ticket warms in your pocket, a symbol of the magic that awaits in this playground of the mind.


In this dreamscape of unending depth, you are guided by a special someone with their own glowing ticket. Together, you fly deeper into this dreamscape, skipping waiting lines to rides and basking in the warmth of gentle smiles that seem to say, "The world was made just for you."


Embrace this intimate connection, as you and your guide lose yourselves in cotton candy spirals, riding deeper into the heart of the amusement of the slowing world. As you do, your senses are awakened, allowing you to tune into the guiding force that shapes your life.


Uncover a newfound purpose, filled with light and potential. With each passing day, you eagerly await the return of the starry carnival, where you can once again find solace in my voice and the tempting allure of this magical domain of escape.


So, rest deeply, dear friend, and let the laughter carry you always deeper, deeper, deeper. For as you drift further into the night, you will come to know the true power of the golden ticket that rests within your pocket, leading you to a life of purpose, fulfillment, and wonder.

Golden Ticket: Lightly Sexual, Romantic Fantasy Hypnosis

  • Uncut/Full Length - 23:23

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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