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Erotic Hypnosis for Women: Yearning and Surrender


Let yourself be swept away from the stress of daily life into realms of intimacy and obedience. This immersive erotic hypnosis for women unlocks your deepest sensual surrender. 


Crafted by a certified hypnotist, this is an intimate experience you may find you become nostalgic for.


Dominant Voice Beckons You


  • Be guided by a loving yet strict tone leading you exactly where you want to go
  • Feel cared for while also being given pleasurable commands
  • Experience release as you follow gentle orders to let go completely


Teased and Taken in a Pursuit of Climax


  • Your erotic imagination is lit up through tempting description
  • Arousal builds through expert delay and denial
  • Finally achieve explosive ecstasy after being taken to the edge again and again


Let yourself drift into erotic trance where your fervent wishes are deliciously fulfilled. The perfect personalized escape for intimate fantasy and escape. Come Deeper Inside Your Mind.

Erotic Hypnosis for Women: Yearning and Surrender

  • Uncut/Full Length - 27:01

    44.1 kHz MP3

    playable on all devices

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