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Don't you crave an oasis where you can relax, reset and reconnect with your sexual self? A place that's private, comforting and filled with magic? 


Expertly crafted by a certified hypnotist, this erotic hypnosis audio allows you to escape stress and surrender into complete sensual bliss. Drift through erotic mindscapes as my voice voice guides you into the deepest trance. All that this requires is for you to relax and listen. Feel tingles of excitement as you experience scenarios that pull you deeper into seduction.


Shaped for sexual arousal, erotic metaphors and hypnotic suggestions awaken urges and take you to new sensual heights. Relax as you are given permission to release all tension and inhibitions. Reach hypnotic peaks of euphoria for satisfying climatic release. Come away renewed and ready for more erotic adventures.


Designed entirely for your erotic enjoyment, this audio hypnosis arouses your inmost desires as it relaxes you into trance. Be trasported to a place of mystical seduction.


Immerse Yourself in Trance


  • Close your eyes, slow your breathing and drift into hypnotic relaxation through soothing narration and calming imagery.
  • Feel tensions and worries wash away as you sink into a serene, focused state of trance. 
  • Let the outside world fade away as you travel inward to a sanctuary for sensuality.


Sensual Escape and Release


  • Indulge your amrous nature with descriptive visuals designed to relax and arouse. 
  • Build sexual energy and heighten your physical responses through erotic metaphor and suggestion.
  • Reach sexual hypnotic peaks of ecstasy and experience full-body euphoria and release.


A World That Comforts and Reassures 


  • Feel safe and secure through gentle guidance and affectionate tone. 
  • Be reminded of your value and deeply absorb messages of love and acceptance.
  • Float in comforting warmth, free of judgment, pressure or expectation.


Take a vacation for your mind and treat yourself to deep relaxation, erotic pleasure and hypnotic bliss. This journey will unlock new dimensions of your sensuality, soothe your soul and transport you to sexual release.


It's time to escape the noise and enter trance.

Erotic Hypnosis Audio - Going Places

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