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Does Edging Make You Last Longer in Bed

If you’ve ever wanted to extend lovemaking and become a marathon man (or woman) in the bedroom, you may have come across “edging.” This technique involves bringing yourself or a partner to the brink of orgasm...then stopping right before tipping over the edge.

Repeating this extended pleasure plateau can help boost stamina. But does edging really translate into longer lasting power when the time comes for the big finale? Let’s explore the evidence.

does edging make you last longer

Table of Contents

  1. What is Edging Exactly?

  2. The Scientific Argument for Edging

  3. My Personal Experience with Edging To Last Longer in Bed

  4. Edging Tips and Techniques to End Premature Ejaculation

  5. Benefits of Edging for Shared Bliss

  6. Are You Ready to Ride the Wave?

  7. Key Takeaways: Masturbation

What is Edging Exactly?

Edging goes by many names - peaking, surfing, teasing, even “orgasm control.” But whatever you call it, the practice involves building sexual arousal to peak levels, then backing off before climax.

This stop-start pattern is repeated multiple times, wringing every ounce of pleasure and anticipation from each mini-peak. With enough repetition, euphoric endurance increases.

Edging taps into our neurochemistry. Dopamine and oxytocin levels spike each time we near climax. Over time, we can retrain our bodies to expect this high.

With practice, the plateau phase can be extended longer and longer. When finally tipped over the edge, the built-up arousal contributes to bigger, longer-lasting orgasms.

The Scientific Argument for Edging

There’s some legitimate physiology behind why edging works:

Increased Blood Flow - Just like any exercise, bringing the genitals close to climax again and again increases blood circulation to the area over time. This boosts engorgement and sensation.

Sensitization - Repeated edging stimulates nerve endings. Over time, you become hyper-responsive to lighter touch. Arousal heightens exponentially.

Endurance Training - You essentially “train” your genitals to sustain higher levels of stimulation for longer periods. Climax is delayed naturally.

Biofeedback - Learning your body’s responses allows greater awareness and control. With practice, you gain ability to hover at peak arousal.

Confidence - Getting comfortable riding the edge reduces performance anxiety. You trust your capacity to prolong pleasure.

So while no studies conclusively prove edging makes men or women last longer during final climax, the above mechanisms provide a compelling case.

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My Personal Experience with Edging To Last Longer in Bed

As a multi-orgasmic woman, edging helped me unlock new realms of sensual endurance. I went from quick trigger to tantric goddess.

In my early sexual experiences, I’d get over-eager and climax fast. I wanted to learn ebb and flow.

Through solo edging sessions, I practiced the stop-start technique. Using erotica or audio guides, I’d get right to the edge, then pause and let arousal subside.

Repeating this I learned to recognize subtle signals of approaching climax and catch myself in time. Each session I aimed to add a few more peaks.

It took consistency, but within months I saw huge changes. Now I could stay in an extended state of hyper-arousal and full-body orgasmic buzz for sometimes hours!

When finally cresting the peak, the built up energy made my climax far more expansive and intense. The difference was night and day.

I continue edging because it feels incredible, but a nice side effect is absolutely increased sexual stamina. I can confidently ride wave after wave now with a partner.

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Edging Tips and Techniques to End Premature Ejaculation

Curious guys wondering “does edging make you last longer in bed?”, take note. Follow these tips to become an edging expert:

  • Learn your signs - Pay close attention to your body’s arousal signals as you masturbate. Recognize when you're approaching "PONR" - the Point of No Return.

  • Strengthen PC muscle - Your pelvic floor is key for control. Do Kegel exercises to isolate and flex this muscle. Stronger means more stamina.

  • Breathe deeply - Rhythmic breathing calms your body and helpscirculate oxygen and energy. Inhale deep on the edge. Exhale releasing tension.

  • Use lube - Reducing friction makes over-stimulation less likely. glide slippery lubes or oil enable lighter touch.

  • Go slowly - No death grip or rapid thrusting. keep strokes delicate and sensual. Slower builds endurance.

  • Mindfulness - Stay totally tuned into sensations. Don't zone out. Remaining present is key.

  • Arouse your brain - Reading erotica, listening to audio porn, or visualizing helps build mental arousal along with the physical. This boosts your overall tolerance.

  • Strengthen your spiraling skill - Once you hit an edge, don't stop stimulation completely. Just reduce intensity to spiral down briefly before rebuilding again.

  • Communicate - Tell your partner when you're close and need to pause. Managing edgeplay together avoids misfires.

Benefits of Edging for Shared Bliss

Edging isn't just for solo play. Bringing this practice into partner sex is intensely intimate and connects you on deeper levels.

Take turns being the teasee and teaser. As the teaser, keep your lover riding the edge by carefully reading their body. Watch for clenching muscles, harder breathing, flushed skin.

Thoroughly enjoy every quiver and reaction you coax out. Bask in your power to give such exquisite torture. Remember - patience makes the final release a million times sweeter.

Communicate desires clearly and agree on signals. Overshooting the edge kills the vibe.

Plan extra time for edging play when there's no rush. Taking it slow maximizes pleasure. Ideally, schedule a whole evening to immerse yourselves in this ecstatic flow.

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Are You Ready to Ride the Wave?

Once you get comfortable edging solo, incorporate it into partner play for out-of-this world shared experiences.

Edging taps into our deepest instincts - building desire, delaying gratification, surrendering to passion. Mastering control over arousal and orgasm is empowering and profound.

So don't settle for quickies that fizzle fast. Embrace the delightful agony of restraint. Surf wave after wave of euphoria. Let intimacy and sensation overflow.

Your pleasure potential is so much greater than you know. All it takes is dedication to the delicious practice of edging. Stamina and spiritual connections will multiply exponentially.

Now grab some lube and get ready for a beautiful ride! Your thrilling edging journey awaits...

Key Takeaways: Does Edging Make You Last Longer in Bed



Edging Defined

Edging is a technique that involves building sexual arousal to peak levels and then backing off before climax. The goal is to increase sexual stamina and intensity of orgasm.

Scientific Argument

Physiologically, edging works by increasing blood flow, stimulating nerve endings, endurance training the genitals, allowing biofeedback, and boosting confidence.

Personal Experience

Personal testimonials suggest regular edging practice can result in an extended state of arousal, longer endurance and more intense climaxes.

Edging Tips and Techniques

Techniques include recognizing arousal signals, strengthening PC muscle, deep rhythmic breathing, using lube, slow movement, mindfulness, and communication.

Benefits of Edging in Partner Play

Incorporating edging into sex with a partner can foster deep intimacy and mutual pleasure, benefiting from the anticipation and increased sensations. Communication and patience are key.


Edging is a potentially powerful method to enhance sexual experiences and intensify orgasms, but it requires time, practice and consistent application of the techniques.

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