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(key word: experience)


Retro Sex Hypnosis aside. Having listened to an inordinately large and possibly unreasonable number of hypnosis recordings over the years I’ve received a lot of suggestions from other hypnotists on how one can improve the experience. Here’s a list of some of the things I might have liked to know back when I started my own hypnotic adventures.


1. Decide how much you trust the hypnotist. If it’s someone new, you can always listen to the recording with your eyes open first to see how they make you feel. This may give the story away before you fully enter into it, but at least you know. If the hypnotist is someone you already trust from previous experience then lay back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


2. Remove all distractions from your environment. Make sure you have all the physical and mental space to allow yourself to become fully engaged in the experience. Forget everything else and enter deeply at your own beautiful pace. Headphones help. 


3. Don’t sweat it. At all. Ever. While there are certain patterns in both hypnosis and sexuality that most people fit into nicely, every person’s experience is their own. There are certain things you will experience that are totally unique to you. This is a good thing.


4. Follow the directions plainly and without pondering much. Say yes. Nod your head. Part of the magic of hypnosis comes when you allow yourself to do what you hear me say. At a certain point your subconscious understands to just do what it hears, and then you really begin to feel the really good stuff. You know what I’m talking about...


5. If you haven’t experienced it yet, don’t worry about the hands free orgasm. You’ll get there. And don’t be afraid to touch if you need or desire. It’s one small step to go from hands on now to hands off later. Just be sure to time your big O to the orgasm command in the recording. Your subconscious will begin to get the message.

These are a few simple concepts that could have saved me months of personal and professional experimentation and observation. But I guess that's part of why I'm here, isn't it....

Enjoy the ride,

Deeper Inside Your Mind

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